The First Doctor Appointment

The problem with expectations is that I often don’t realize I have expectations until I find myself disappointed and then I go back to the experience and say to myself  ‘what was it I wanted that I didn’t get out of that experience?’

After 3 weeks of waiting, my first appointment, right at about 8 weeks along, came last Friday. I managed to make room in my new work schedule and headed over to our local medical group attached to the hopsital that we are considering for our delivery.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was how medical  it all felt. While I know that I am only 8 weeks along, and babyboof is only the size of a kidney bean, the appointment consisted of drawing 118 vials of blood ( a total exaggeration, and I don’t dislike giving blood), being asked a handful of questions about whether Boof beats me or has sex with men, and then I was handed poorly photocopied packet of ‘good information’ about medications to not take, a birth plan outline, and some hotline numbers…as well as a worksheet for us to figure out whether we could pay the doctor fees at the end of the delivery. It made me think that if this is how pregnancy is treated, no wonder teenagers or young women feel overwhelmed and get an abortion when they otherwise could probably be really good moms.

So what to do? Continue on with this Ob’s office, switch to a different Ob or change routes altogether?

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