Cognitively Pregnant

I wake up every morning and out of habit I take my basal body temperature. Yep, still pregnant.
I do this out of habit, from when I was learning about my own fertility, but also because it reminds me that I am still pregnant.

Because if I didn’t chart my temperature every day I would worry that something had gone terribly wrong inside my body, and that baby had someone left me. While I’m certainly not complaining at all, I have heard horror stories of pregnancy symptoms that leave women hugging the toilet or curled up in bed sucking their thumb. I, so far, have not accrued any symptoms AT ALL. Oh sure there was a little boob tenderness at first, and some peeing every 2 hours (not abnormal to my non-preggo body, though, let’s be honest), and some initial light cravings for oranges. Overall, nothing, except my elevated temperature, screams “I’M PREGNANT!”

So, I’m staying curious about this whole process happening inside of my body. But, for now, I am happy with being cognitively pregnant 🙂

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