Telling Boof, or Target part deux

Clearly I couldn’t just stand in the Target bathroom for the rest of my pregnancy (though with the amount I’ve been having to pee lately, it might actually be a good idea), so I moseyed out to my car to sit and think. Having promised a friend (a mere two days prior) that I would give her details as soon as I knew, I shot of a picture message of the pee-stick and some sort of garbled message about becoming a mom. She texted me through the initial crazy and I managed to muster up enough spontaneity to head back into Target to buy a onesie and a card to announce the lovely news to Boof.

After I blabbed the news to the Target cashier (a different woman than ten minutes prior), I headed to the office. Of course I spilled the beans to my cube-mate and with her help, decided to tell Boof that night, rather than waiting 24 hours until our date-night (which was probably a good choice with the rate of blabbing I was doing).

Knowing that Boof would be working until 11pm, I texted him to say that there was a surprise in his night stand drawer, and to wake me up when he got home. It felt like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. until Boof walked into the bedroom and opened up the nightstand drawer. It took him a minute to read the card,see the onesie with ‘I<3 Daddy’ on it, and see the positive test. He looked at me and I said “we’re having a baby!”

His reaction? “Excited, happy, nervous.”

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