I have never fully believed the line, “you just know,” when dealing with anything. Case in point, on our second date I told Boof, “I don’t see this going anywhere serious, but I think we could have fun.” So while I certainly had my suspicions, I certainly needed ultimate confirmation.

While we weren’t actively trying, I have been charting my basal body temperature using on Fertility Friend’s software.  When I woke up on Monday morning and saw my temperature the same as the day before,  I knew I would be at least 1 day late in getting my period. Fertility Friend  strongly suggests waiting a week to take a home pregnancy test,  so, naturally I drove myself to Target on my lunch break to grab a pack of pregnancy tests to store in my bathroom for when the 1 week of nervously waiting was up.

But shopping makes me have to pee (and I’ve had to go A LOT more lately), so there I was, in the Target bathroom, with freshly bought pregnancy tests, and the insatiable curiosity to find out if ‘I knew it’ or I was just gassy and delusional. Let’s be honest, I do have a bit of spontaneity in me, and it wasn’t the first time I’ve peed on a stick (all negative), so I figured ‘what the heck” and went ahead…

Before I had time to pull my pants up and flush the toilet the flashing hourglass stopped and my idiot-proof digital test read:


Yeah, that’s right folks,  forever I am going to be known as the girl who learned she was pregnant in the Target bathroom. Awesome. Though, I guess it’s better than conceiving him in the Target bathroom, eh?

-Monk Monk

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